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  • What Audience Members are Saying About Donald Hatter

  • I hired Donald to come in and present to my sales team so that we could improve the overall results of the team. Within minutes, members of the team were enlightened and inspired. Since the experience level of the team members varies so much it is hard to find one resource to help all. However, Donald was the perfect resource to speak to such a group. He does a great job of identifying minor adjustments that even the most experienced members need to make. As a result our team is performing much better and I am pleased with our progress.

    K. Prokopec, Jonas Fitness

  • The presentation, "Growing your Business" Donald discussed how our customers could properly determine if expanding their business should be their next step. His presentation was well thought out and delivered very professionally. Should the opportunity arise, we would recommend Donald to work with our customers one on one so they could benefit from mapping out an actionable plan on how to achieve their individual business goals.

    M. Zimmerman, Hubbell Power Systems

  • As a school leader bringing a new vision to an established school in need of transformation, I was lucky to find Donald Hatter. He not only listened to the challenges I faced to build unified leadership around my vision, he also made sure to extract the history of the school, and our particular context and needs. As a result, he a customized a workshop for our team that met us at our particular place of need, and set us on course to advance our school and respect and support each other's role in doing so.

    C, Santos, Centennial Academy

  • Donald's presentation was very inspirational and though it was only 30 minutes it was packed with useful resources and got my mind rolling of how to incorporate as much as possible. Two items that stuck out were of course the 90/75/50 rule and the comment about repeatedly contacting people without reply. The latter I implemented almost immediately as the realization of being persistent vs stalking stuck a chord.

    C. Kripki, Entrust Energy

  • Donald's topic on becoming invaluable proved to be an ideal fit for our event. We were very pleased with the quality of the content and the highly professional manner in which it was delivered. His popular session was delivered to a capacity crowd, and the feedback from those who attended was very positive.

    D. Atkins, Emerald Data Solutions

  • When you have an event like this, you need quality content, but even more importantly, you need presenters that can deliver the information. Donald has a presence in the room that says 'hey, you're going to want to hear this'- and we feel that in the audience- and it's 100% true.

    S. Spear, One Digital Health & Benefits

  • Don did a great job presenting to our students. He had a very straight forward, clear and professional message that really resonated with our students. You can always tell when a speaker makes an impact by the number of students who stick around to talk afterwards (there was a long line indeed). I personally liked his suggestions on how to sell yourselves in interviews and what questions you need to ask from a candidate perspective…very original and unique suggestions. Overall an excellent speaker and someone I would highly recommend.

    J. Waite, University of Pittsburgh

  • It is my pleasure to highly recommend Donald for your speaking engagement. Donald not only has the real-world experience, but can really break down how to be the most effective sales leader you can be in a very simple and straightforward process. A good indicator of Donald's intriguing message was the amount of our audience that decided to stay after-hours to hear more of the value Donald brings.

    C. Hopper, ImperaStaff

  • My assessment of Donald during a recent encounter, when asked to participate on a program as a presenter within forty-eight hours, was one that I will never forget. Donald accepted the invitation and provided a concise and relevant message that was beneficial to all that attended. His delivery was displayed at such a level that distinguishes him from many others. For these reasons we have used him for multiple events.

    A. Green, Brentwood Baptist Church

  • Donald has a wealth of knowledge on building sales and marketing. He is good at presenting his information, and kept the whole group engaged the entire presentation. Personally he spoke to an area of which I am needing help. His 90/75/50 concept made a lot of sense, and its a concept that I am going introduce to my everyday routine. If Donald has not explained this concept to you, you need to contact him.

    J. Miller, Miller Software Services

  • Donald possesses a wealth of knowledge in diversity best practices and is able to communicate clearly and effectively to an audience. He is an excellent candidate for any future speaking engagements.

    D. Kennedy, National Diversity Council

  • Donald did a fantastic job at the Texas ERG Summit! He provided specific take-aways for us all. His speech was captivating and influential. He left the audience with "food for thought"...nuggets fueled with the potential for change.

    D. Harris, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

  • Donald Hatter's positive and motivational topic definitely met our expectations! The presentation was interactive and engaging. We recommend Donald Hatter to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members.

    M. King, Harmony School of Execellence

  • Donald's presentation was not only insightful, but it was also very motivating to the conference participants. Many have commented on how he provided a unique perspective to our theme: Servant Leadership, by using scenarios from his own personal and professional experiences.

    A. Wright, McGee Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

  • Thank you for coming to speak to earlier this month. We all enjoyed it and learned some good take aways with the strongest being, how to take control of customer meetings, and the 90/75/50 rule.

    Loved your message based on your real life experience at all kinds of major, mid-size and startup companies.

    This kind of effort that you prescribe builds awareness and awareness builds mental checklists and discipline in customer time.

    D. Schindler, Genesis BCS

  • I would certainly recommend Donald if you are seeking an engaging and thought-provoking presenter. Donald's presentation was delivered in a highly professional manner, and he was remarkably punctual and very personable. We thank Donald Hatter for providing these exceptional professional development opportunities for the Pitt Business community.

    J. Stillman, University of Pittsburgh Business School

  • Mr. Hatter was able to not only provided a detailed insight into the skills that will be required to be successful in the business world, but he also gave the students key ideas on how to be a person of good character. Students were given surveys to determine the effectiveness of the guest speaker, and the quality of the message, and Mr. Hatter rated superior in each category. It was an absolute honor to have him as our guest speaker.

    K. Johnson, Stony Point High School

  • We had Donald come in and present his Sales Success Formula to the members of our Business Network Family. His topic on the "Success Formula" kept the crowd engaged and really brought insight on how we should utilize our time - Marketing vs. Selling.

    H. Ho, Houston Business Network