• Effective Leadership is about Influence, not Authority!

  • Maximize Your Influence

  • Format: ​45-60 Keynote, or Breakout Session
    This program is perfect for:
    • ​Every Professional that works with someone else
    • Those that are leaders by title (i.e. Managers)
    • Those that have yet to take on official leadership roles
    The audience will leave with:
    • ​A true understanding of what Great leadership is, and what it isn't
    • A better understanding of how great leadership positively impacts the business as a whole
    • knowing how to maximize their influence

    ​Be careful when talking about leaders. It is important to differentiate effective/invaluable leaders from those that are only leaders by title. There are few things more damaging to an organization than taking talented people and having them report to ineffective leaders. However, it happens frequently. This situation leads to poor moral, lower productivity, overall disengagement, and high employee turnover.

    Don't let this happen to your business!

    Companies too often promote people into leadership positions based on their ability to complete tasks, instead of their ability to influence others in an effective and productive way.

    Great leadership is about influence, not authority. Learning how to become a leader with tremendous impact is great for professionals that are leaders by position (i.e. managers), as well as those that have yet to take on official leadership positions.

    Teaching individuals how to work with, and influence others, in order to accomplished well defined, and shared goals is Donald Hatter's passion. Donald believes that every individual should learn, and understand what it means to be an effective leader. Whether in a managerial role or not, you never know when you will be presented an opportunity to take on greater leadership responsibility. No business can have too many invaluable leaders.