• Sales Leadership Development Program

  • The Sales Leadership Development Program (SLDP) was created to help companies solve many of their sales challenges, while complimenting their existing resources. It is the quickest way to analyze, and improve the effectiveness of a group of sales professionals with varying skill sets. The goal of the program is NOT to teach a new methodology, or an entire new set of sales techniques, rather, it is to teach individuals how to properly analyze their business development efforts so that they can make improvements. The program places an emphasis on working with each sales professional while holding them accountable for their results. Understanding what is done correctly as opposed to incorrectly is the first step to making improvements. More often than not, slight adjustments will lead to greater results.

    Uniqueness of Our Approach

    When developing the Sales Leadership Development Program we incorporated a few concepts to ensure our approach is truly unique, easy to understand, and even easier to implement in your current environment.


    Focus on the Development of the Individual – Although the overall goal is to improve the success of the company, we believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to educate, inspire, and empower each individual sales professional. We assume every professional has a unique set of experiences that impact their ability to develop meaningful relationships, and generate business. Our approach is to deliver content in such a way that the most experienced sales professional gets as much value as the sales professional with the least amount of experience. Our Sales Success Formula works across industries, products, and transaction sizes, which means it can be used by every sales professional in the company. With this flexibility there is no need to spend hours/days/weeks ensuring everyone gets on the same page before any real results can be achieved.


    A Well-Researched and Proven Formula – On the surface, our Sales Success Formula is so simple that it only takes a short time to memorize, and you will never forget it. However, it is a powerful tool that can be used when evaluating any prospect you are pursuing. It works across industries, products, and transaction sizes, which means it can be used by every sales professional in the company. It is even more powerful with consultative, and strategic sales cycles.

    Donald Hatter is the creator of the formula, and it is based on his industry research, and his collective experiences working with companies of all sizes. He has personally done business with companies on six of the seven continents, and has developed partnerships with over 30 Global Brands, including companies such as Wal*Mart, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Shell Oil, Southern California Edison, Johnson & Johnson, American Airlines, Waste Management and Visa.


    Delivery Approach – Despite the importance of generating revenue, many professionals are hesitant when it comes to participating in any business development or sales  "coaching program”.  Some reasons for the hesitation is the way the content is delivered. Rarely does standardized “classroom” or online training by itself lead to sustainable results.

    We take that thinking into consideration. Our knowledge is comprehensive, and is delivered in a way such that it doesn’t require a professional to sit through days of business development/sales training, performing activities whose lessons they cannot directly apply to their current situation. We deliver thought provoking, helpful, and insightful information all in one session; and to ensure proper implementation of the concepts we remain connected with each professional. They will have direct access to the coach on the as needed basis throughout the program. We use templates and tools to ensure each individual ends up becoming a better sales leader (and yes one can lead without being a manager).