• 10 Things Great Sales Leaders Don't Do!

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    • Increase Your Close Percentage
    • Forecast More Accurately
    • Improve Your Margin
  • Format: ​45-60 Minute Breakout, Could be 2-4 hour workshop
    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Executives
    • Sales Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business Owners
    • All those involved with sales cycles (i.e. marketing product manager, other executives)

    The audience will leave with:

    • ​Sales team members and executive will come away knowing how to better forecast deals
    • Everyone involved with closing deals will learn how to better increase the perception of value, therefor leading to higher revenue, increased margins, and deals that close more quickly.

    Despite all the sales training materials, sales tools, and sales experience, many sales leaders still struggle with some basic concepts.  That struggle leads to behavior which negatively impacts company growth.  The recommended ideas and practices you will hear about during this program are common knowledge, but not common practice.

    10 Things Great Sales Leaders Don't Do! is an international  bestselling book that serves as the basis for this program.

    The program promises to be educational, entertaining, and inspirational!